Mark Padgett Discusses 3 Reasons Why Barn Weddings are Glorious!

A BarnWeddingCA Exclusive | written by MIA MENDOLA

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There is nothing so special as the
charm of a barn!

The aesthetics and rustic nature give your wedding a unique quality that can’t be captured anywhere else. Wedding designers like Mark Padgett couldn’t agree more. Mark Padgett is a premiere wedding designer and event coordinator on the Central Coast of California who specializes in transforming unique venues into one-of-a-kind events. He shares with us the three reasons why designing a barn wedding can be more glorious than any other type of venue.


1. Aesthetics and Surroundings

Well before barns gained popularity as a venue for weddings, they were sought after for their beauty and charm. Artists and photographers have made barns a staple subject since, well, since they started building them!  Practically every state, each landowner, and certainly every country, has a different approach to the architecture of a barn, so the variety of designs and materials in a barn are vast. The rustic nature of a barn is appealing because of those materials. Aged wood, huge beams, wood shingles, corrugated metal, brick and stone and pealing layers of wash or paint all give us a sense of authenticity and history. The locations that we find barns are the other huge draw.  Gorgeous fields, rolling hills and stunning vineyards give a celebration instant beauty, seclusion and charm.

Finally, even though many of us never grew up around a barn, they always have the feeling of home and of family. What could be better for the family celebration of a lifetime?


2.    Freedom

Unlike a ballroom or banquet facility, most barns that rent for celebrations offer the space and surroundings and not much else. This gives you a huge amount of freedom.

Freedom when it comes to using the wedding professionals that you desire*, to bring in the tables and chairs you love and the very economical freedom to supply your own alcoholic beverages. Huge savings! Always ask what the venue’s alcohol policy is but generally it is wide open.

*Each barn is managed differently and some may have a preferred vendor list. Don’t worry, this is to your benefit and if you know of a well-established professional caterer that you want to use and isn’t on their list, you need only to ask and they will send them a vendor agreement.


3.     Size and Structure

The open structure and sheer size of a barn plays a large part in their appeal as well. Apart from renting a tent or finding a big ballroom in a Hotel, few outdoor wedding venues, including vineyards, can accommodate a large wedding indoors. Most barns can easily host parties of 175 and more.

If you are looking for a unique venue that will create a one-of-a-kind wedding day, choosing a barn can be a charming way to go. With authentic structure, gorgeous surroundings and flexibility, a custom barn wedding can make for an unforgettable celebration.


 Mark can help you plan your perfect barn wedding!

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